About Us

Hi my name is Trevor Thompson, the London SEO “Guru” (I got branded that by others, honest), the person behind MarketingHandle.com, the local search engine marketing and lead generating company that specialises in helping local businesses generates leads, that turns those leads into buyers, that gains traffic, ranking and exposure from the major search engines and social media websites.

My experience came from the personal use of internet marketing methods selling my own products and generating leads for my websites and other name brand companies websites for the past 3 years (date of writing is July 2009).

When searching for local businesses and services online, I found that many good and reputable companies I needed help from either didn’t have a website or did they have one, but it was poorly optimised to do any real good and buried deep within the search engine where potential clients and customers won’t find them. So, I set out to find out why these companies didn’t have a prominent web presence.

Many companies don’t know how to market online, or they get ripped of by some so-called webmaster that doesn’t really know much about marketing online. They don’t generate any business from their websites which is understandable, as marketing online is a full time job all in itself. So, they end up having a website because they heard years ago that someone said they have to have a website.

It’s a major shame, because those same companies can really benefit from getting more clients and customers via the internet, if they knew how or had someone that new how to do it for them, especially in this volatile economic climate.

Statistics have shown worldwide that more and more households are turning to the internet for their local shopping and services – Read the full article here. Research has shown that 83% of the population search online over using the traditional methods like the Yellow Pages, etc

The Kelsey Groups annual forecast for global and local search also states that local search will outpace top-line search growth through 2013. Local businesses and those that target geographic areas will make a sustained effort to build their online presence and actively manage and target local search in a more bullish way on the local search market  – Read the full article here.

Neal Polachek, the senior vice president of The Kelsey Group says, “Use of the Internet as a shopping resource is already changing the face of local advertising. Traditional local advertising media must find ways to evolve or risk losing dollars to the new advertising options available to local and small businesses.”

What does that all mean? Well, it means that the internet and especially local search, is poised to surpass newspapers as the local shopping resource. And more and more companies know this and are optimising and targeting their websites for the local market. This also means that if you aren’t generating business from your website locally, your competitors are getting them instead of you.


My team and I can position your business to attract more leads and buyers to your website or bricks and mortar business, with our powerful combination of search engine marketing methods. Call us on +44 (0)203 239 0757, or contact us here to book your FREE consultation.